Lash Do’s

 & Don’ts

Your experience and satisfaction is very important to us. To ensure the best results and properly maintain your lashes at home, please read and follow our prescribed Before and After Care Instructions below.

Eyelash Extensions DO’s

  • To maximize your time with your lash artist, come to each appointment on time with clean eyes free of makeup and oils.
  • Groom your lashes as needed with a clean mascara wand, preferably when wet.
  • If you plan on lash tinting or lash perming  this should be done 48 hrs prior to your lash extensions appointment.  (Tinting or perming of the lashes is not necessary since the extensions cover the natural lash and are curved to replicate curled lashes).
  • Airbrush tanning should be done 24 hrs prior to your lash extensions appointment.
  • Keep your Eyelash Extensions completely dry for 24 hours after each application so avoid showers, steam, swimming and sweating.  This time is necessary for the glue to properly adhere to the natural lashes.
  • Let skin care service providers know about your Eyelash Extensions and use caution when using steam, acid/peels, lasers, or hydroxyl treatments.
  • Use powdered, liquid or gel eyeliner.  Pencils (unless specially formulated for Eyelash Extensions) tend to leave an oily residue that can run into the extensions and loosen the bond.
  • Check out our full line of after care products including a variety of eyeliners, mascara, protective sealant, eyelash conditioner and makeup remover, all specially designed to properly care for your beautiful new lashes!
  • Ask about our Blink Membership to learn how you can get your first touch up free, save money on future touch ups and on home care products!

Eyelash Extensions DONT’S

  • Expose your extensions to excessive heat, steam, sauna or swimming
  • Rub or pull on extensions or natural lashes
  • Use oil based products around the eyelashes
  • Use waterproof mascara or mascara meant for natural lashes – these interfere with the bond of your extensions.  One of the benefits of Eyelash Extensions is not needing mascara anyway!
  • Use a mechanical eyelash curler – these destroy your extensions and can pull out your natural lashes
  • Tan in a tanning bed during the first 48 hrs after application
  • Touch your lashes – the oils from your fingers can break down the glue
  • Worry when you lose an extension.  This is part of the natural shedding process of your natural lashes and you will have a new lash growing in right behind the old one that will be ready to fill in when you come in for your next touch up appointment!

We recommend sleeping on the Save My Face Pillow to help preserve and care for your lashes, and of course your beautiful face! Also, to protect and preserve the life of your lash extensions (especially if you are prone to oily skin/lashes), we suggest using Lash Care Longer Life Coating Sealer twice a week to seal, protect and hydrate your extensions.  This product forms a barrier against sweat, natural oils and pollution.

Don’t be fooled by places who tell you their extensions last 2 months.  Some of your extensions may last up to 2 months with proper home care, depending on where the natural lash is in it’s life cycle when the extension is attached to it.  A natural lash cycle is 60-90 days and each of your lashes are on their own individual growth cycle, so your natural lashes are constantly shedding.  Your natural lash must be at least 30 days mature to be strong enough to attach an extension to it so baby lashes are not used.  When you come in for your appointment each of your natural lashes will be at different stages of maturity so we will carefully select the lashes that are mature enough to have extensions attached to them.  Between visits, when one of your natural lashes sheds, the extension attached to that lash falls off with it.  You will have another natural lash growing in right behind it; therefore, you will need regular fills, approximately every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.

We know you will love your new Eyelash Extensions!  If you have any questions, please call or email us.  We are here to help!