Spring Special!

$25 off 1 Full Set, or $100 off 2 full sets!   Looking for that perfect gift of beauty?  Want to treat yourself while you’re at it?  Blink Lash Boutique has some great savings in store when you give the gift of flawlessly beautiful eyelashes to yourself or a friend!  Buy one Full Set of [...]

Get perfect eyelashes at Blink Lash Boutique

by RED LOTUS MAMA on DECEMBER 23, 2013 · 4 COMMENTS in BEAUTY,HEALTHY LIFESTYLE,REVIEW,SAN DIEGO I have always wanted to have long, thick, perfectly curled eyelashes. Instead mine are straight, like really straight. The eyelash curler is my one beauty must have. Unfortunately, I am limited on what mascaras I can use because most will take any curl out of my [...]

Eyelash Extension Upkeep…….

Eyelash Extension Upkeep…How to Make the MOST of Those Luscious Lashes! So you have fallen in love with your incredible new eyelash extensions, or perhaps you’ve been coming to Blink Lash Boutique fo years and just need a refresher on how to make the most of your luscious lashes. Blink would like to remind you [...]

Why your makeup brushes may be causing you breakouts

Blink Lash Boutique asked our special guest blogger, makeup artist Meagan Brown, to provide our Blink clients with helpful makeup tips this month. We love when we can skip applying mascara after getting our eyelash extensions, but we still have the rest of our face to deal with! Most of us know how to apply [...]


  It truly is amazing how far we have come as women in terms of what we will do to ourselves, but the reasons behind the torture have always stayed the same.  Whether it is for a confidence boost, a higher maintenance service for a lower maintenance return, or just for someone to compliment us [...]

We love Harry!

Why not have a reason to bat those eyelashes?!  Just a little something to ponder… XOXO BLINK BABES

Book with an Apprentice Lash Stylist!

Now you can book with an Lash Apprentice for a discounted rate to get your long awaited eyelash extensions!  Blink Apprentices have taken the Blink Lash Boutique training program and have completed several applications already.  They are now being scheduled with clients to perfect their skills and timing.  Take advantage of these great prices to [...]

Sweet Summertime!

  Summer is finally here and the weather has been gorgeous in San Diego so far!  With the changes in climate, most of us are changing up our beauty routines to accommodate the change we see in our own skin.  By rotating our makeup and applying sunscreen daily, we need to be more aware of [...]

Blink Blog 2.0

   Hello, Lash Lovers and welcome to the newly updated Blink Blog!  We can’t wait to bring you the latest and greatest from the health and beauty world as soon as we hear about it!  We are really excited to share with you our favorite hair, nail, and makeup products as well as our insider expert [...]

New! Lash Stylist Training!

Looking to start a new and exciting career in the quickest growing segment of the beauty industry?  Look no further!  Now Blink Lash Boutique is offering it’s training program once only available to it’s own lash stylists, to all licensed estheticians and cosmetologists, or current students of the beauty field.  Learn from some of the [...]